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Super Duper Congratulations to Certified Laughter Leader, Lundee Amos on her Ten Year World Laughter Tour Anniversary!  She now advances to TRAILBLAZER status.


Lundee and Lois  Bohnsacknew PEO Laughter Program
Lois is a retired CPA. She has a spirit of fun and laughter.



Apr 4, 2012 American Association Applied & Therapeutic Humor meeting in Chicago


Heart, Healing Hands, and Laughter.

Lundee Amos, EdD
is a Certified Laughter Leader (Expert Level)
and a World Laughter Tour Trailblazer


Lundee is an experienced, dedicated, and creative educator.
She presents outstanding programs for older adults, students, teachers and parents.

Her unique approach reduces stress, improves learning & classroom environment, contributes to a positive culture and brightens the day for older adults.

For information about bringing Lundee's popular programs to your retirement center, club, school, community or organization, contact her at (336) 288-2654 or...

EMail me.


World Laughter Tour - http://worldlaughtertour.com/

Flaco & Ze Clownettes - Flaco & Ze Clownettes; Jamestown News Article

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor - Dedicated to the understanding, development and the clinical application of therapeutic humor.

Our Mission is to serve as the community of professionals who study, practice, and promote healthy humor and laughter.


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