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Research Experiment 

On August 16, 2018 I participated in a research project on hands-on-healing at the Rhine Research Institute in Durham.  Dr . Julianne Holroyd is conducting the research through Sophia University. Details on your right. 


Be a Part of Science!

Healing Touch Healers needed for Research Experiment! 10 certified HTCP Healers trained in Healing Touch are needed to participate in a research experiment conducted through Sofia University.

Healers must have been trained in the Healing Touch modality and have been practicing for at least five years.

The study will take approximately 1 hour of your time.

In return you will know you have helped to further our understanding of hands-on-healing, and may help to establish the legitimacy of hands-on-healing methods in the scientific community!

Call 602-577-1849

or email: j.holroyd@sofia.edu



Upcoming Events

April 2019

Gramercy Park Women’s Club

Program -

Laughter is good for your health


Acupressure Healing Meditation

Lundee completed an Acupressure Healing Meditations course by Dr. Michael Gach on on September 5, 2018




2018 Healing Touch (HT) Clinic     

• Relieve Pain • Ease Stress 
• Assists in eliminating Toxins
• Instill Serenity
• Nourish Mind – Body – Spirit
• & Much More

Schedule-once a month on Wednesday Evenings Appointments: 5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 pm
  Love Offering - $25 suggested

West Market Street United Methodist Church
302 West Market Street – Greensboro, NC
 Enter the church at the corner Friendly & Commerce. Follow the signs to the Healing Touch Clinic Room 109

For appointments email:

Click Here to Email Me

 Call Lundee Amos - 336 706-1048

Lundee Amos -- CHTP, HTCP, Advanced Practitioner Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner


Lundee completed Healing Touch for Babies

With Rita Kluny at Wake Med Hospital Raleigh NC

February 2015

Eden Energy Medicine Classes in Hendersonville


We had 17 wonderful students in EM 101 and 15  students in EM 102.  Everyone learned a lot and had fun!  Great classes with highly motivated students.
Three nurses (Suzie Engel, Jane Windle, and Ruthann Hoffman) who offer healing touch through Healing Touch for Health in Hendersonville sponsored the classes.  


Camp Blue Heaven - Camp Cheerio

blueCamp Blue Heaven - Camp Cheerio Lundee with grandsons, son, and two friends.

Millis Road Family Fun Day


Lundee helped the Clownettes for a fun day!
In the afternoon helping Flaco with Clownettes at Carrilion, an assisted living home.
On Friday evening Lundee presented a laughter program for the Festival of Tables banquet of the Rehobeth UMC Women. Fun fun fun

More fun as fire element

Class 2 Eden energy medicine foundations: teaching assistant for Dr Melanie Smith first day of four

Healing Touch Clinic


IAIE 31st Annual World Conference"Sustaining Invitational Education in a Time of Change"

Lundee attended the 31st Annual World Conference "Sustaining Invitational Education in a Time of Change" by the International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE). Forty people from Hong King, two from South Africa, two from Thailand and several Canadians, etc participated. GREAT TIME!!

Healing Touch Program is thrilled to announce that the Healing Touch Integrative Care Program: Integrating Healing Touch in the Clinical Setting (HTICP) manual was unveiled at the American Holistic Nurses (AHNA) Conference at the beginning of June, 2013 in Norfolk, VA. This comprehensive manual provides a step by step process and the tools necessary to implement Healing Touch in hospitals, clinics, hospices and other healthcare facilities. The HTICP takes us one step close to realizing Janet Mentgen's goal of having Healing Touch in every healthcare facility. The manual received rave reviews at the conference and we sold copies there. 

Lundee in Bulgaria


Lundee visited Presbyterian and UMC in Pleven and another town in Bulgaria. Children at the Presbyterian church loved Red Noses. Pastor Dan preached at both churches. Had a flat tire. Great Day.

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